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2015 Tokyo Motor Show

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 from October 28 - November 8

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015


Much anticipated by industry and general public alike, the Tokyo Motor Show not only offers the opportunity to peruse leading manufacturers latest offerings, but also gives a glimpse into the exciting future of motoring.  According to the Tokyo Motor Show website, this motor show is “aiming for being the world’s leading technology motor show,” and the revolutionary advancement of technologies "has made an enormous change in the automotive industry and the social system around it."  This year's Organizer Themed Project is Smart Mobility City 2015, where the city of tomorrow will be created and visitors will have real experiences of new relationships of a city, automobiles, and people.

  • Theme: “Your heart will Race”
  • When: Thursday October 29th through Sunday November 8th
  • Where: Tokyo Big Site
  • Exhibitors: Over 30 vehicle manufacturers and more than 100 parts, machinery and tool suppliers
  • Organizer Themed Project: Smart Mobility City 2015

Visit the official website to download a brochure or find more information:

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