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Dealer Program Details

Dealer Program Details

The JEVIC APPROVED DEALERS PROGRAM provides a platform where buyers can check and contact used-vehicle dealers. The impetus for this came from the very real need within the market to provide methods to reduce fraudulent activity.

By inputting the Dealer / Exporters company name you can confirm if they are on the JEVIC APPROVED DEALERS database.

The companies contained within the database have been assessed using the following generalized criteria;

  • A registered company.
  • Have an actual physical address for the company.
  • Having previously used JEVIC services.
  • To JEVIC's knowledge operate a legitimate business practice.

For enhanced security, please require the Dealer / Exporter to use only authentic JEVIC inspection services.

JEVIC provide this as a free advisory service. As such there is no guarantee for the competency of the used-vehicle dealer, value of the vehicle, sales completion or actuality of transaction. Please view our Disclaimer for use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require.