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Yard Management System

Yard Management System

The JEVIC Yard Management System

Developed as a joint venture between JEVIC Co Ltd and Toshiba Plant Systems Co Ltd, JEVIC’s state-of-the-art Yard Management System uses sophisticated Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to track vehicles.

Capable of locating a single vehicle within a five-meter radius, the system’s capability has been likened to the ability to find ‘a needle in a haystack’ saving time and labour costs for our clients who have implemented the system.

Captured when a vehicle enters the yard, data is sent to a host computer with real time capabilities.  Vehicles are labelled with specially formatted barcodes and scanned with the latest hand-held mobile technology.

Although primarily developed as a Vehicle Tracking System for vehicle importers’ yards, the software programme has applications for numerous business functions including stock control.

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