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Vehicle History Report

(Also for Lost De-Registration Documents/ Export Certificates).

Buy with confidence: Check the history of your prospective car.

What does the Vehicle History Report include?

  • Vehicle ownership history
  • Note:
    Any accident and maintenance history are not included.

  • Odometer recordings noted at periodic inspections
  • Note:
    There are compulsory roadworthiness inspections from new at 3 years, then every second year after that for passenger vehicles.
    The inclusion of the odometer reading was started from 2004, so there are no readings listed prior to that.

  • Full vehicle particulars
  • Original history report from the Japan Ministry of Transport
  • Translation of original vehicle history report
  • Scanned copies of original documents sent to your email
  • Report posted to your declared address (additional cost)
History report
Cost of service and delivery details:

  • Hardcopy and Electronic documents including Courier fees:     ¥22,000*
  • Electronic document delivered to your email address:     ¥13,500*
  • Payment via visa/mastercard/PayPal
  • * No tax (GST/ VAT) added to above fees (unless domestic)
  • * NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) require original     hardcopy documents as prepared and issued by JEVIC

  • Report choices
    1st VIN/Chassis no.
    2nd VIN/Chassis no.
    3rd VIN/Chassis no.
    4th VIN/Chassis no.
    5th VIN/Chassis no.