Border Inspection - New Zealand

Border Inspection - New Zealand

New Zealand Transport Agency Inspections

Vehicles entering New Zealand must meet specific safety requirements regardless of whether they are exported or imported for private or commercial purpose.

All vehicles are subject to a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) border inspection which must be carried out by an approved party to detect any damage affecting the structural integrity of the vehicle and to determine whether the vehicle can be legally registered for use in New Zealand.

Once the vehicle has successfully completed the entry certification process, it can be legally registered for use on New Zealand roads.

JEVIC undertake the NZTA border inspection in five (5) purpose built JEVIC facilities located throughout the major ports of Japan. Additionally two (2) facilities loacted in the United Kingdom.

In additional to the NZTA Border inspection, a Ministry of Primary Industry (Biosecurity inspection) is also undertaken by JEVIC. Clients shipping vehicles to New Zealand benefit from our ability to carry out these inspections concurrently.

Benefits of completing these inspections off-shore not only protects New Zealand`s drivers but prevents delays upon arrival and associated additional costs.

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