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CFC (R12) / HFC (R134a) Gas Removal

CFC (R12) / HFC (R134a) Gas Removal

Chloro-Fluoro-Carbon (CFC) and Hydro-Fluoro-Carbon (HFC) gases are hazardous materials that have a significant impact on the environment and, in particular, on the ozone layer.

As a result, various countries including Australia, Fiji and Zambia have implemented restrictions on the use of those gases in motor vehicles.

As an approved CFC collection agent, JEVIC has the resources and capabilities to remove CFC and HFC gas from your vehicles prior to shipment. This is carried out at any of the JEVIC port facilities loacted throughout Japan or by our mobile service technicians if requested.

JEVIC recommend that, prior booking your Pre-shipment Inspection, you check with your vehicles’ destination country for any import regulations regarding CFC and HFC gases.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require.