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Lost De-Registration Documents

What does our Lost De-Registration Service include?

  • An original Japanese Detailed Registration Certificate     (Sho-Sai – Toroku – Sho – Mei) that has been translated into     English
  • The Japanese Detailed Registration Certificate will include     the full history details of all the previous owners of the     vehicle in Japan
  • Odometer recordings noted at periodic inspections
  • Full vehicle particulars
  • Documentation couriered to your declared address in New     Zealand
  • * Please note this service is relative to requirements for     vehicles in or bound for New Zealand. For other Countries,     please select our Vehicle History Report service
History report
Cost of service and delivery details:

  • Hardcopy and Electronic documents including Courier fees:     ¥22,000*
  • Payment via visa/mastercard/PayPal
  • * No tax (GST/ VAT) added to above fees (unless domestic)

  • Cost of Service
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