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Odometer Verification

Odometer Verification

The authenticity of a vehicles mileage is an important part of importing, buying and selling a used vehicle. All types of vehicles are subject to odometer tampering. Analogue, digital, and diagnostic. JEVIC's invasive inspection consists of a forensic examination subject to removal of the odometer unit, diagnostic testing, vehicle condition, available maintenance records and documents and finally crossed checked through national databases. A non-invasive inspection is also available.

Once a vehicle passes inspection, a recognizable sticker is placed on the front windscreen identifying it as having an authentic odometer reading. E-Certificates are also avialable on-line.

JEVIC has been contracted by various importing countries regulatory authorities to conduct Odometer Inspections on all vehicles prior to export. Additionally it has become industry standard by private importers authenticating a vehicles mileage prior to import.

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