D3C 4394

Pre-export Appraisal - Fiji

Fiji Offshore Vehicle Inspection

The Fiji Land Transport Authority has appointed JEVIC for the conduct of the Offshore Vehicle Inspection of used vehicles exported from Japan destined for use on the roads in The Republic of Fiji.

In Brief:

Commencement date in Japan:  15-July-2016
Requirement date in Fiji:   15-August-2016
Inspection Fee:  ¥8,700/vehicle (plus 8% tax)

The appraisal assesses vehicle condition, as well as structural, odometer, stolen vehicle and biosecurity aspects. JEVIC inspectors will conduct the appraisals in freight forwarder and exporter premises in and around the major used vehicle export ports in Japan.

The fee for the Pre-Export Appraisal Report is regulated by the government of Fiji and has been set at FJ$169.00 (VEP) per vehicle, yen equivalent payable to JEVIC in Japan.

The inspection is mandatory for all used vehicles destined to Fiji, however completion is only part of the requirement and does not guarantee a vehicle’s import approval into Fiji.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require. 


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  • What is the point of the inspection?

  • Who does the inspection?

  • Where can I get the inspection?

  • Who do I contact to get the inspection?

  • What is the standard for the inspection?

  • How much does the inspection cost?

  • Who books and pays for the inspection?

  • What documents are needed to arrange an inspection?

  • What are the outcomes of the inspection? What if my     vehicle fails

  • What documentation does JEVIC provide

  • What happens if I don't get the inspection and ship the     vehicle to FIJI?

  • What do I do with the Appraisal Report, and will my car be     shipped back for some reason

  • If I have feedback, suggestions, or a complaint, who do I     contact?