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Pre-export Inspection - Sri Lanka

Pre-export Inspection - Sri Lanka

The government of Sri Lanka has appointed the Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co Ltd (JEVIC) for the pre-export inspection of used vehicles exported from Japan for use within the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Gazetted as per the Import and Export (Control) Regulation No.02 of 2013, this requires all motor vehicles falling under H.S Codes 87.02, 87.03, 87.04 and 87.05 be subject to this inspection.

The major points of the pre-shipment inspection encompasses;

  • The vehicle must be in roadworthy and useable condition.
  • Original equipment must be in working order.
  • Vehicle must be clean, without damage to paint or structural components.
  • Be subject to a vehicle condition report survey.
  • Free from radioactive contamination.
  • Not have been subject to flood or water damage.

All used vehicles must meet the requirements of this important safety pre-export inspection to enable certification.

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