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Stolen Vehicle Check

Stolen Vehicle Check

Protect yourself and your financial investment by asking for a JEVIC Stolen Vehicle Check on all of your vehicle purchases in Japan.

Whether you are a car dealer buying wholesale or trade-in vehicles, or an experienced importer or exporter of used vehicles from Japan, the risk of purchasing a stolen vehicle is alarming.  

Thousands of vehicles are stolen in Japan every year and a large percentage find their way to countries outside of Japan.  Some thefts involve international crime rings and are linked to terrorism and drug cartels.

Even if you are unaware at the time of purchase that a vehicle has been stolen from its rightful owner, the authorities have the right to seize the vehicle.  You will also risk losing title to the vehicle and all of your investment in it.

To provide peace of mind that you have the right to purchase, JEVIC offers a Stolen Vehicle Check that involves checking that the vehicle you wish to purchase has not been reported as stolen on the Japanese Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport vehicle database. 

A certificate is issued when our checks confirm that the vehicle has not been stolen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or additional information you may require.