Website Policy

1.Information on the web site

  1. OPTIMUS GROUP COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to “the Company”) and group companies have taken every possible efforts when posting information on this web site. However, the Company and group companies will not make any guarantee if the information of the contents are accurate, useful, certain, suites the purposes of the users, safe (function does not interrupted, no errors, correctio of errors, computer virus and other harmful elements does not exists on the web site and server).
  2. The Company and group companies shall not be held liable for any damage from the use of the information by the users, or impediment in the use the information, or by the use of this web site.

2.IR Information

  1. The IR information published on this web site is intended to provide financial information, management indicators, etc. of the Company and the group companies, however, the Company and the group companies do not make any representations or warranties regarding the contents of this web site.
  2. The publishing of information on this web site is not intended to solicit investment.
  3. When actually making an investment, please refrain from making investment decisions based solely on the information on this web site, and investors are advised that any investment must be made at the investor’s own discretion.

3.Future prospects

Part of information published on this web site contents description of future financial results. Those description does not guarantee future financial results, but it may contents risks and uncertainty. Please note that future results may differ from actual results due to changes in the environment etc.

4.Operation of the website

  1. The Company and the group companies may change information of this web site without prior notice, or may suspend the operation of the web site.
  2. This web site may not be able to use normally due to communication environment, status of users' computers, and other reasons.
  3. The Company and the group companies shall not be liable for any damage caused by (1) and (2) regardless to any reasons.